Sunday, April 08, 2012

Spring cleaning

It's spring around here. There wasn't any winter to speak of, so I'm not as excited to see budding leaves on the trees as I have been in the last couple of years.

My spring cleaning last year was a new desk...this year it's a cabinet for storing all the paper crafting supplies. It's not a pretty piece of furniture. It falls into the category of funky. But it's very, very useful. Here's the latest addition to storage chez moi.

It's a dental cabinet. I don't know when it was made. Looks like maybe the 40s or 50s, from the style of it. It's a very heavy plywood and metal cabinet, American Cabinet Co. Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

What I love is that it has 10 drawers. And that it fits on a wall in my dining room. Which means that I can store things very nearby the table where I like to work in the afternoon sunlight. An organized drawer is a thing of beauty, even if the drawer itself is a little utilitarian.

In celebration of organization, (and in celebration of the fact that I didn't have to drag out six boxes of supplies to find my tools) I made a card and some refrigerator magnets.  Neither idea is my own -- they are my interpretations.  The magnet ideas came from guest artist, Sharon Harnist, at Karen Lockhart's website.  The Spring card is from CardMaker's Hand-Lettering Workbook, by Nancy Burke and Marian Rodenhizer.  I really like the magnets, even though I did them with colored pencils rather than Copic markers.  I also cut out more of the stamped image and lifted them off the matboard with dimensional adhesive.

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!


Melissa said...

Beautiful job on the Lockhart stamp magnets, Susan! I wondered if you had something in mind when you purchased them. Thank you for sharing and hope to see you soon. Happy spring!

She's Crafty said...

But where is the picture of the ultra cool hidden compartment on the top of the cabinet ? It fits perfectly in your dinning room!