Monday, February 13, 2012

A Scarf and Beads

Last December I had the chance to take a lace design class from Sivia Harding. I always learn something even if it wasn't what I expected. In this class I learned that shawls with beads are really pretty. And I ought to pay more attention to Sivia's designs because in person they are stunning. (I also learned that I'm better off using someone else's lace designs, but we won't go there...)

Here's a Sivia pattern given to me last year at Christmas time as a great way to use a small amount of yarn. Since I had a exactly that in a handspun, here's the result.

Knotty Scarflette (Ravelry Link) - design by Sivia Harding

I got to use one of my old buttons - actually a very tiny broach that belonged to my grandmother. So this turned out to be a nice project: 1) first time I've ever put beads into anything 2) used my handspun 3) finally used a gifted pattern and 4) one of my vintage buttons works with the colors.


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Susan B. said...

Ah, that's beautiful.